Born to Paul and Dorothy Becker on October 26, 1948, Mike was their first born.

Mike has a sister Sherry, and 4 brothers-Donnie, Steve, Rick and Bob. Sherry named her first born son after Mike.

Mike graduated June 1967 from Benson High School and enlisted in the Marines four months later on October 17.

Mike died on a Friday. Sherry was out with friends that Friday night and felt that there was something wrong with Mike. Also, that whole weekend mom had a feeling that something was wrong. Three days later 2 Marines came to the door and gave her the news. Sherry woke up to my Mom screaming. Poor dad was out of town for work. Since this was before cell phones the highway patrol had to hunt him down to tell him the horrible news. Mike was laid to rest in Omaha’s Calvary cemetery.

Mike purchased life insurance before he left for Vietnam, enough to pay off our home on Sprague Street.

At Benson High School, Mike was a letterman in gymnastics, swimming, diving. He broke his nose in a diving meet. His skills on the trampoline were impressive. He also knew how to take care of himself in the neighborhood, not shying away from a fight if need be.

Mike’s best friends were Tony DeSanti, Robbie Chandler, Ed Bukacek, Greg Peterson, Russ Coons, Bob Woodfelt, Chuck Hoskovec and Robbie Stogdill. His girlfriend was Pam Hibbonson. She loved him very much.

Mom’s favorite memory is the time Mike and Donnie were arguing. She got between them, told them to stop and that they needed to be nice to each other. They put their arms out and held her at arm’s length. They are proceeded to have a good laugh. She also remembers the time Mike and some of his friends emptied the refrigerator. (Editorial comment, I assume that wasn’t to clean it.)


Sherry’s favorite memories are how protective he was of her. He didn’t want any of his friends to date me and made sure they didn’t. Also swallowing pennies with her and Donnie one night they had a babysitter. Another is when Mom was trying to discipline Mike. He would pick her up and move her away from him.

Donnie’s favorite memory is when Mike left for Vietnam and thinking how tall he was. But he was only 5ft 11.

Steve’s favorite memory is going to his diving and gymnastic meets.

Rick’s favorite memory is riding on the back of his motorcycle.

Bob’s favorite memory is when Mike came home from boot camp. He carried Bob on his shoulders.

Pam’s favorite memory is going to his gymnastic and diving meets. And how he teased our Mom.

May we forever honor and remember PFC Michael Paul Becker and be grateful for him and the millions of other men and women who freely chose to join the U.S. military and protect our nation.


7 June 1968


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